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Churches & Abbeys

Churches and Abbeys are some of the most ancient and most historically important structures in the Lake District. With many churches close to 1,000 years old, they tell the story of England. Religious, social and political changes are all recorded in the churches and abbeys with many having dramatic moments in their history. There are hundreds of churches and abbeys in the Lake District and many are significant. The church at Appleby was originally built in the 1100s but has been rebuilt in some way in practically every century proceeding. Many of the churches and abbeys in Cumbria are built using the local sandstone; an example of this is Kirkby Stephen church that is the second largest in the region, originally constructed during the Saxon era.

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Furness Abbey

Barrow-in-Furness, South Lakes

Furness Abbey is an English Heritage visitor site which is home to the impressive sandstone ruins of the Abbey. There is an interesting museum and shop on site where visitors can find lots of...

Carlisle Cathedral

Carlisle, East Cumbria

Carlisle Cathedral stands proudly as a monument to it's turbulent history. Magnificently constructed from red sandstone it is as eye catching as it is interesting. Visitors can marvel at the amazing...

Holme Cultram Abbey

Wigton, West Lakes & Coast

Holme Cultram Abbey in West Cumbria is a magnificent red sandstone Abbey in the village of Abbeytown. The turbulent history and legend surrounding this stunning piece of architecture is well...

Lawrence Church

Penrith, Central Lakes

St Lawrence Church is a spectacular piece of architecture situated in the town of Appleby-in-Westmorland. The beautiful red sandstone building is full of original character, including stone carvings...

Shap Abbey

Penrith, Central Lakes

Shap Abbey in Penrith is remote and atmospheric. Standing silently by the river the ruins of this once grand Abbey dominate the landscape. Visitors can wander around and imagine what life was once...


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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 results