The ancient town of Brampton is a tranquil gem set in the beautiful Cumbrian countryside. In the town centre stands the octagonal Moot Hall once used as the towns meeting hall, which was built in 1817 to replace Oliver Cromwell's original prison house. Fronted by the old bull ring a remnant from the time it was used for bull baiting, it now serves as a Tourist Information Centre and forms the focal point of the town.

 On the last Saturday of each month there is a farmers market held in the town centre. Meandering from the impressive main street and market place are narrow alleyways and side streets with their shops, restaurants and bars just begging to be explored. 

In and around the town there are historical...

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The Cumbrian Antiques Centre

Brampton, North Lakes

The Cumbrian Antiques Centre in Cecil Hall, Brampton is where a vast gathering of expert antique dealers come together to display their wares. Visitors to the centre can browse the Victorian style...

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