30th August 2012

9 Essentials for a break in the Lake District

Heading to the Lake District? Whether you're a first-timer or a hardened hiker, here's a quick run-through the essential items to pack for your pilgrimage to one of the most magical scenic spots in the UK. One or two of them might just surprise you.

Hiking boots

You're not getting far in the Lake District without a pair of comfortable, waterproof hiking boots. No need to go over the top, of course. But soggy shoes and blisters can only be endured for so long, especially when a well-maintained path suddenly turns to mud and uneven gravel.

Waterproof clothing

It might be beautiful, but the Lake District can be a wet place at times (its not called the Lake District for nothing!). Be prepared and make sure you waterproof clothing, even on a sunny summers day the weather can turn from glorious blue skies to torrential rain in little longer than a heartbeat.

A camera

Whether you're up on Tarn Hows or down by the lakeside in Derwentwater, the Lake District is packed with spectacularly attractive scenery. It begs to be snapped.  

An ordnance map and compass

You won't find many signposts on most of the trails along the Lake District, so a compass and a map (and an ability to read both) are pretty much imperative.

Food and drink

Packing a few food rations is about more than having something to pick at if your picnic runs out. In the unlikely event that you get lost or fall and are unable to walk, having some supplies could prove essential.

A thermos (preferably filled with tea)

Okay, you could argue that it's not an essential. But just wait until you're halfway through a hike and you need a mid-afternoon pick-me-up to warm the cockles and renew the spirit. What better than a trusty cup of tea to deliver the hit you need?

A torch

Chances are you won't need it. But you'll be oh-so-glad you packed it if day turns to dusk and you can't find the way back to your lodge or B&B.

A sturdy rucksack

Of course, you're going to need something big enough and tough enough to carry your Lake District essentials. And mind how you pack. A squashed picnic is no fun for anyone.

Travel insurance

Last - but by no means least - is a good travel insurance policy. It means that if something forces you to cancel or curtail your break in the Lakes, you'll be able to reclaim all unrecoverable accommodation and transport costs. Which could prevent you losing a fortune.

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