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17th February 2018

Ambleside annual Rushbearing July 2018

This year the Ambleside Annual Rushbearing will be held on the 7th July 2018. This wonderful Tradition dates back to the 1700's when old rushes that covered church floors were thrown out and new ones brought in. These days it is a most colourful procession with children and adults carrying Rushbearings made from rushes and flowers.

The procession take the historic route through the village, stopping in Market Place to sing the Rushbearing hymn. Arriving in church the bearings are carried in to be displayed over the weekend, a short service follows. On leaving church the children are given a piece of gingerbread, collect a snack bag and continue to Kelsick Field for the sports, the highlight being the fell race to Todd Cragg on Loughrigg and back.

The bearings are made using field rushes found in damp places and decorated with colourful flowers.. Large wooden bearings in the shape of crosses, harps, circles etc are carried in the procession and these are decorated with moss, rushes and flowers by the people who carry them. The decorating of the bearings takes place on Rushbearing morning at St Mary's Church where there are plenty of people willing to help others decorate a bearing.

Generations of local families have taken part in our fabulous tradition and many who walked as a child, but live elsewhere, return with their own children/grandchildren to take part in this most unique, wonderful Ambleside tradition.

EVERYONE is most welcome to join the procession as long as they carry a bearing made from rushes and flowers.

Those who would like to carry a bearing are asked to contact Gail at or phone 01539433917.

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