20th December 2012

Heritage lottery funding makes hay in Cumbria!

2000 years worth of managed rare hay meadows will now stay as part of the future for Cumbria's stunning countryside. Thanks to the heritage lottery funding a project aimed at preserving the wildlife habitat and breathtaking flower meadows in the uplands can now go ahead. Over £400,000 has been allocated to ensure that the work on restoration and preservation can continue.

The very precious and rare hay meadows in Cumbria have provided some wonderful natural habitats for plants, flowers, insects and small mammals for many generations, over thousands of years. The money will ensure that there will be resources available to train the 60 strong volunteer work force in the necessary skills required for this specialist project. Manpower and equipment will now become available to allow farmers and land owners to work together with the volunteers to sustain the biodiversity of the land and countryside.

There will also be an opportunity for an exciting rehabilitation programme to be offered to inmates at the local HM Haverigg prison, who will be able to take part in the project whilst being taught specialist skills by the experts. It is hoped that around 65 hectares of hay meadows will be restored to their former glory and continue to provide us with this unusual and unique area for generations to come.

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