24th January 2013

It must be love.... or Madness in Cumbria this summer!

Legendary pop band Madness has confirmed that they will appear and play a long awaited gig at Carlisle Racecourse in July. The 2013 Stobart Summer Festival will be the event of the year for fans as the 1980's idols take to the stage for this eagerly anticipated performance.

Music fans will be swarming to Carlisle Racecourse on the 6th July to catch a glimpse of the crazy pop band Madness, led by the legendary Suggs and his fellow performers. The band have enjoyed a recent revival as they were one of the highlights of the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony and were also headlining at the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations with a live performance of their super hit "Our House" from the roof of Buckingham Palace, which was broadcast worldwide.

Organisers and fans are thrilled at the prospect of this open air gig, after the bitter disappointment last year, when the festival had to be abandoned after some unseasonal and extremely heavy rain caused flooding and waterlogged the site. It is expected that the tickets will be a complete sell out. Madness were one of the most highly energetic and successful pop bands of the 1980's and enjoyed a number of top ten hits including "It must be love", "Our House" and "Baggy Trousers".

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