17th October 2012

Its bright up north - especially in the stunning Lake District!

Visitors to the Lake District in recent weeks have been treated to some unusual and beautiful light shows, courtesy of Aurora Borealis. The stunning and colourful displays have drenched the skies over Derwentwater near Keswick due to solar particles from a geomagnetic storm being blown south from above the Arctic Circle.

Most people have to travel to the frozen fjords of the Arctic Circle to try and catch a glimpse of the elusive Northern Lights, but thanks to the unusually strong solar activity which dispersed solar charged particles across the north of England, the lucky people in the Lake District have been able to marvel at mother nature's spectacular light shows from their own doorstep.

The clear dark skies near Keswick were filled with magical coloured swathes of dancing light which lasted through the night for approximately seven hours, creating breathtaking reflections on the lakes below. According to the experts at the British Geological Society in Edinburgh, the displays were unusually long and clear for viewing in this part of the world.

The good news from NASA for both residents and visitors is that these displays are expected to continue throughout the year and on into 2013, as the suns eleven year activity cycle is at its most active at this time and is expected to reach its peak over the next few months.

As numerous images of the spectacle have been taken and published over the last few days there is still plenty of time to get out your camera, head for the Lake District and record this amazing phenomena for yourself!

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