3rd March 2016

Lake District National Park to be Extended

It is not often that you hear of land being extended, being protected, especially with the ever increasing demand for housing etc. To hear therefore that a part of the English countryside which is already a world - wide attraction is to be extended south bound by three per cent is very good news indeed.

This extension will be recognised from August 2016, and with the Yorkshire Dales being extended by a massive twenty - four percent, the only things that separate these two beauty spots are the M6 motorway and the West Coast Mainline railway and that is good for tourism.

To give a better idea of where this will encompass, it equates to one hundred and eighty - eight miles so to the south from Helsington Barrows to Sizergh Castle it will now come under the Lake District National park, to the East, from Birkbeck Fells Common to Whinfell Common.  This is where you will meet up with the M6 and the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales await.

The extension had been a long time in the planning and like most changes in life, not everyone was happy, fears were about housing being built etc, but all fears were allayed, Natural England and Defra have been heavily involved in this momentous change to our countryside and for once they have got things right.

Anything that brings more people to enjoy these wonderful natural beauties can only be a good thing for the small business that heavily relies on tourism to ply their trade too.

The actual Lake District itself was never short of tourism but now to bring in the smaller outlying areas under this new umbrella will bring a new lease of life to the areas involved.