6th June 2013

Reptiles slip into first place with Lake District nature lovers!

The end of May saw the annual Love Your Zoo Week at the Lake District Wildlife Park in Keswick, as a program of exciting holiday activities got underway to entertain both locals and visitors alike. With more visitors than ever this half-term, the park staff organised a number of hands on experiences to encourage people to take a more active role in the care and preservation of the animals and their habitats. 

The manager, keepers and staff at the park organise a poll for visitors to be able to vote for their own personal favourite residents each year. This year's most popular inhabitants are apparently the snakes and reptiles, which has been a surprising result after last year, when the comical meerkats ran away with the title.

With attractions like Urma the Burmese Python and Betty the Boa Constrictor to handle and stroke there are no shortage of volunteers to take part. This has become a favourite activity with visitors of all ages and the twice daily reptile handling sessions are now extremely popular.

The ever improving Wildlife Park is an ideal place to spend the day, learn about the animals from the knowledgeable keepers and get involved in the Keeper Experiences on offer, including grooming, feeding and entertaining the animals. There is always something of interest going on, including new exhibits and enclosures, talks, competitions and activities throughout the year.