6th June 2012

Something special's brewing in Cumbria

A touch of the Orient is being brought to Cumbria by two Grange businessmen who have recently launched their online tea business. The pair are hoping to promote the health properties of oriental and green teas, which have become more popular in the U.K over recent years.

Green tea is a well known aid to weight loss and general health, and these unique hand picked blends from wild bushes in the remote hills of the Yunnan Province are hoped to revolutionise the local cuppa. Robert Hadfield and Phil Morrison decided to launch www.teacargo.co.uk to promote their products and introduce the benefits and properties of new blends to replace the usual black or ‘English' tea. The products are not available in supermarkets but their refreshing Oolong, Puergh and Green blends are now available to order on line from their website.

Mr Morrison said:

"This tea is unique. It's picked in a small area of the hills which are looked after by local farms. It's too much of a niche product to go to the supermarket, so we're offering it to individuals who want a particular type of tea. I used to drink English tea but now I like a cup of this in the morning and I can't drink black tea now."