13th November 2012

Vintage Classic Motors take on Fleetwith Pike!

Over a hundred vintage cars and their owners gathered at Honister at the weekend for the annual fell rally, taking them to the dizzy height of 648 metres at the top of Fleetwith Pike. Donning their best traditional finery and braving the elements as well as the hair raising winding roads, hundreds of enthusiasts turned out to enjoy the spectacle.

The pristine pre-1931 vehicles were a spectacular sight to behold as they chugged, screeched and bumped their way up the incredibly steep and rocky roads, which were just what they were built for way back when. Drivers and passengers dressed in all manner of traditional hats scarves and goggles and even sheltered under umbrellas to take on the elements and battle their way to the top, much to the delight of over a thousand excited onlookers. The much treasured and lovingly restored vehicles were well and truly put to the test as they hurtled round the route which offers some of the most breathtaking and hair raising Lake District scenery. The atmosphere was electric as the stream of antique vehicles created unique sights and sounds and enveloped the fells in a haze of nostalgia. Vehicles ranged from Rolls Royces, Bugattis, Aston Martins and the oldest participant - a Mercedes from 1908.

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