28th July 2015

Walla Crag Saved by Mysterious Benefactor.

Walla Crag as anyone who is a regular visitor to the Lake District will know offers one of the most spectacular views from its summit. To get there however, walkers have had to cross a quagmire which is only 20 metres wide, which is essentially a boggy marsh land but there was no alternative route for walkers to take in order to enjoy this wonderful part of the Lake District.

You can imagine that this part of the walk was not only unwelcome but possibly could have prevented people with disabilities enjoying this walk, any one could have been at danger of slipping and falling over in this bog.  Now thanks to the most generous of donations from someone who obviously loves this part of the countryside and probably a lover of the countryside in general, the £10,000 donation that has been made has made the "boggy" part of the walk a thing of the past.

In true keeping with the area ancient techniques have been used to make the dry route.  This is not just of benefit to tourists but to the many people of Keswick themselves.  The beauty of Walla Crag is that you do not have to be of athletic standard to make this walk as the summit is only 1,000 ft and the view is stunning taking in Buttermere Fells, Causey Pike and Derwent Water.

Keswick now has more reasons to celebrate being part of one of the most famous beauty spots in England, no longer will walkers have to bring their wellington boots to traverse this piece of land, now you can enjoy dry feet on dry land.  The donation has come from a person who truly loves the land and wants other people to enjoy it too, so whoever you are thank you so very very much.