Brothers Water
Ambleside, Central Lakes

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Brothers Water
Brotherswater from Scandale

Brothers Water is located at the northern end of Kirkstone Pass off the A592, and is classified in two different ways: firstly as one of the Lake Districts smallest lakes, and secondly as one of its largest tarns.

Set in Hartsop Valley, Brothers Water used to be called Broad Water however the name was changed in the 19th century when two brothers tragically drowned in the lake.

Dorothy Wordsworth was enthralled with the location of Brothers Water and referred to it as "the glittering lively lake". Brothers water is shallow and full of reeds, and in July water lilies are in full bloom. This is an ideal venue for fly fishermen due to its abundance of underwater wildlife and resident brown trout population.

From its northern end a wooded walk leads to Patterdale and going south the walk heads over Kirkstone Pass to Ambleside.

On the western side of Brothers Water is Hartsop Hall. This 16th century building was formerly a home of the de Lancasters before ownership was passed to Sir John Lowther in the 17th century. After that it became an ordinary farmwhouse and today it remains in the care of the National Trust.

The village of Hartsop lies near the northeast corner of the lake.


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