Carleton Hill Fishery
Carlisle, North Lakes

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An idyllic fishery set amongst picturesque and peaceful scenery, Carleton Hill Fishery offers a range of well kept and well stocked ponds throughout the season. Day tickets are available for visitors, where superb fishing amidst this wonderful, natural flora and fauna can be enjoyed to the full.  

A beautiful, tranquil and mature coarse fishery where the peace and quiet is as inevitable as the bend in your rod!

Carelton Hill Fishery is a superb, professionally managed, mature coarse fishery. Situated some 5 miles south of Carlisle, just off the A6 Penrith Road. Day ticket fishing is available on the trees pond and season tickets are available, by application, to fish all ponds.

The Chub Pond
This pond is about half an acre with depths of 6 to 12 feet. There are seven pegs three of which are platforms that protrude from the bulrush fringed margins on the south side of the pond. There are Tench to 6lb, Carp to 12lb, Crucian Carp to 2lb, the odd Chub to 5lb, Perch, Roach and Rudd.

The Wires Pond
At around 1.5acres and perhaps the most picturesque of all the ponds with abundant lillies and flag iris, weeping willows, "clooping" carp and kingfishers, the stuff of dreams! Mostly around 5-6ft with a deeper channel on the south side of 10-11ft. There are 14 generously spaced and immaculate pegs most of which have features to fish to. This pond contains Carp (including Ghost and Golden Carp) to around 15lb, Tench to 7lb 12oz, Crucian Carp to 2lb, Bream to 8lb, Ide to 3lb, Roach, Rudd, Perch, Gudgeon and a few Chub.

The Trees Pond
This pond is the only one available to day-ticket anglers. It is however the most heavily stocked and generally therefore the most productive. It has 16 well spaced pegs and can be entirely...


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Carleton Hill Fishery
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