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Cumbria Wildlife Trust - Bowness on Solway
Alston, West Lakes & Coast

Details for Cumbria Wildlife Trust - Bowness on Solway

Cumbria Wildlife Trust at Bowness-on-Solway is an area just perfect for nature lovers to explore. Teeming with birds, insects, small mammals and an abundance of flora and fauna, birdwatchers and botanists can find a tranquil haven in which to observe the numerous species in their natural habitats. 

Wildlife has recolonised this former gravel quarry with remarkable speed. The nature reserve now has a range of habitats supporting far more species than you might think possible.

Gorse, thorn and birch scrub have developed on the drier areas whilst willow is found in the wetter hollows. This scrub provides habitat for breeding willow warbler, willow tit and linnet amongst other species. Hawthorn provides a rich winter food source for birds such as redwings and fieldfares. The open areas have common spotted orchid, knapweed and bird's-foot trefoil, and some of these areas are grazed in autumn and winter to encourage greater species diversity. The flowers provide nectar for a range of insects.

20 species of butterfy have been recorded to date including ringlet, small copper, large skipper and peacock, which can be numerous in late summer, feeding mainly on knapweed. Over 350 species of moth have been recorded. The ponds are a major feature of the nature reserve and range from temporary pools to permanent open water. Here, plants such as branched bur reed, yellow iris and water mint can be found.

14 species of dragonfly have been recorded on the nature reserve, many of which breed in the ponds. The largest of these is the emperor, the largest dragonfly in Britain, which was first seen in 2005. Great crested newts, frogs and toads also breed in the ponds. Some of the ponds have recently been re-excavated to begin the process of colonisation again.


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Cumbria Wildlife Trust - Bowness on Solway
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