Lake District Osprey Project
Braithwaite, Keswick, Central Lakes

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The Lake District Osprey Project  has a number of viewpoints where lucky visitors can catch a glimpse of the elusive Osprey. The project has been a great success with the conservation of these magnificent diving birds and brings ornithologists from far and wide to observe the nests and hatching chicks at close range.

What more could an osprey want after a long journey from Africa, but to see some of Lakeland's finest scenery, warm weather and plenty of fish? If you visit the open-air viewpoint at Dodd Wood, you can have all this too. Well, the first two, at least.

Stop off at the lower viewpoint where you'll get great views over the lake, and of me. And when you see my wings half folded against my body, you'll be glad that you aren't a fish as I plunge into the still waters of Bassenthwaite with my legs outstretched.

Got one! It's a bit of a struggle to break free of the water with such a big fish firmly grasped in my talons, but I can't be feeding small fry to my growing young!

If I'm not around, there is still plenty to keep you entertained, like siskins, nuthatches, finches and tits that come to the feeders, as well as red squirrels who like to hang around the viewpoint.

It's exciting to watch me hunting out on the lake, but do you want to get even closer? Come to the upper viewpoint for views across the nest, or pop into the Forestry Commission's Whinlatter visitor centre for an intimate peek into my family life.

Nestcam images give you all the action from egg-laying through to my chicks first flights.

Friendly staff can tell you more about me and the great conservation success story that has meant we're back nesting in England after a 150-year absence.


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Lake District Osprey Project
Whinlatter Forest Park
Whinlatter Pass
CA12 5TW
017687 78469

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