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Lake Windermere Fishing
Windermere, Central Lakes

Details for Lake Windermere Fishing

Fishing in Lake Windermere has always been, and still is one of the favourite outdoor pursuits in the area. Anglers come to this beautiful location to practise their sport, set amongst some of the most wonderful scenery in the land. The lake supports great numbers of fish and insects. 

Windermere offers some of the best coarse fishing in the country, you just need to know when, where and how to fish it.

Although Windermere's trout and char might be struggling, the same cannot be said for its coarse fish population. Roach are now prolific and perch are back in numbers. There are reliable sightings of carp, reports of chub and even dark rumours of catfish. Windermere now offers some of the best coarse fishing in the country, twenty pounders are not unusual and in most seasons a thirty-pound fish will turn up somewhere.

But at ten miles in length England's largest lake can look daunting to the newcomer and faced with so much water it can be difficult to know how best to tackle it. A period of apprenticeship is almost a necessity but there are one or two pointers.

The most productive period to tackle the pike is in the winter months from October to March. The North basin tends to be more popular than the South basin and generally more productive. Boats will be dotted around the lake and keeping an eye on them will give the newcomer an insight into the most productive areas.

If bait fishing it always pays to find a drop off where the lake bed slopes away from about 10 feet down to 20 feet and fish your baits at different depths positioned along it, give it an hour or so and move along a hundred metres and repeat this pattern until you contact fish. Saltwater deadbaits only are permitted on Windermere but herring, smelt,...


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