Hodge Close Quarry
Coniston, Ambleside, Central Lakes

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Hodge Close Quarry is an extreme diving location set on the outskirts of Coniston. The deep sided slate walls and crystal clear waters are ideal for extreme sports enthusiasts. Certainly not for the faint hearted, but definitely an exciting adventure! 

Up for a challenge? Try this heart stopping dive in a remote area of Coniston. Crystal clear waters are your reward for this difficult dive.

Hodge Close is an atmospheric place. The drive out of Coniston makes you realise just how remote these sites are. As you drive to the site car park the excitement builds, as you begin to see exactly what you are about to experience! The green slate quarry walls rise straight up from the water 50m to the trees. The quarry is an enclosed hole in the ground and at first there seems to be no way in other than to abseil or carry your gear down a steep loose path. Access is gained via a tunnel hidden at the end of a stream.

The tunnel is 2m high at its peak but the average height is 1.5m. The end of the tunnel opens into a chamber. Cold but sheltered from the rain. A plaque at the entrance to the quarry warns of the dangers of diving the close and its cave systems.

The fun has not ended. A scaffold ladder (not quite vertical fortunately), leads down to the quarry floor. Painful on the feet in dry suit boots carrying your rig and dangerous when wet.

About the diving: There are two main dives here. The first is the main quarry with its cave systems. The other dive is a leap of faith and then a sump.


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Hodge Close Quarry
LA21 8DJ

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