The Toffee Shop
Penrith, East Cumbria

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The Toffee Shop, Penrith

The Toffee Shop in Penrith is famous for its original recipe fudge and toffee. The shop is always filled with the wonderful aroma of the sweet cooking. Visitors come from far and wide to sample the delicious confection and take home some wonderfully packaged goodies.  

The Toffee Shop located in Penrith on the edge of the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales, was originally opened by the Furnass family in 1910 just after the First World War and since then three generations of the family have worked there. Today it is owned by Neil and Pat Boustead.

The same unique recipe has been used for over 90 years, giving the delicious fudge and toffee a superb and exclusive taste. A rich sweet aroma of melting butter and boiling sugar wafts from the kitchen all day, greeting customers as they enter the shop.

The key to any good product is the right ingredients, the right recipe and the right techniques - the Bousteads are careful to maintain these principles. Fudge is made from butter, sugar and milk to a simple recipe and in small batches, so that it cooks evenly and thoroughly. There are always plenty of people to fuss over the 8 brass pans - stirring it when it needs stirring, and checking that it never boils over or catches in the pan. Once cooked, the fudge is poured into cooling trays and then cut by hand into slabs.We should not forget the toffee -made with sugar, butter, syrup or black treacle - it also packs a powerful punch. It is also made by hand and once cooled in trays is broken up with a hammer and the irregularly shaped pieces individually wrapped.

At lunchtime on Wednesday 12th March 2003, H.R.H. The Prince of Wales arrived in Penrith to make a much awaited visit to the Toffee Shop. On his...


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The Toffee Shop
7 Brunswick Road
CA11 7LU
01768 862008

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