Weasdale Nurseries
Kirkby Stephen, East Cumbria

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Weasdale Nurseries is a mail-order tree & shrub nursery, based in the Howgill Fells in Cumbria. The company offers a wide variety of trees and shrubs which are grown outdoors and produce high quality hardy plants. There is also a comprehensive range of garden sundries on offer at competitive prices.

What do we grow and sell?
Forest trees - This is the grade of tree which you might be planting in larger quantities and are 2 years old or more. As their unit price is so low, we sell them in minimum quantities of 25 of any one size and type.

Hedging plants - The next grade up from Forest Trees, these are usually older plants, graded for their bushiness and suitable for, well, hedging. Can be bought singly if required.

Specimen Broadleaves - These are trees and shrubs which, unless stated otherwise, have been transplanted at least three times before sale. We list most native UK species plus many ornamentals, both deciduous and evergreen.

Conifers - Native and ornamental conifers.

Sundries - Covers a multitude of sins really: books; gloves; stakes; ties; fertiliser; tree guards; mulch-mats; memorial plaques; underground irrigation plumbing and so forth.

As we grow our stock in the open-ground (ie in the soil and not in containers), we start despatching orders to our customers once the plants have become dormant for the winter and continue until just before bud-break in the spring. In a ‘normal' year, this would ordinarily be from around the first week in November until, at the latest, late April or even early May (the later dates being reserved for the late-leafers such as Beech, Oak, Ash etc. and many of the conifers). Whilst our growing season may be quite short (on account of our altitude and...


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Weasdale Nurseries
Newbiggin on Lune
Kirkby Stephen
CA17 4LX
+44 (0)15396 23246

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