Stay in a beautifully restored imposing Victorian mansion in Cumbria.

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Caves and Caverns

The Lake District is one of the most mountainous areas of England and contains the highest peak in the country. As such, it is a haven for caves and caverns with some cave systems literally criss-crossing the mountains, deep underground. Caves provide many things for different people. Professional cavers don head torches, wet suits and often breathing apparatus before making their way through long caves. If this activity sounds a little off putting there are also guided tours through various caves that don't require you getting wet or squeezing through any tiny wholes. This is a great family activity.

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Caving in the Lake District

Appleby-in-Westmorland, East Cumbria

Caving has become a popular outdoor pursuit in the Lake District, and many of the old mines and caves beneath the breathtaking surface which we associate with the area can now be explored. Caving in...

Hodge Close Quarry

Coniston, Ambleside, Central Lakes

Hodge Close Quarry is an extreme diving location set on the outskirts of Coniston. The deep sided slate walls and crystal clear waters are ideal for extreme sports enthusiasts. Certainly not for the...

West Lakes Adventure

West Lakes & Coast

West Lakes Adventure is an organisation providing outdoor adventure and activities based in Nether Wasdale in the Western Lake District and offering a wide range of outdoor activities and team...

Lacys Caves

Penrith, East Cumbria

Lacy's Caves are a unique historical tourist attraction situated at Glassonby. The man made caves which were originally created as a decorative folly in the 1800's are now a favourite visiting place...


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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 results