Stay in a beautifully restored imposing Victorian mansion in Cumbria.

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Brougham Castle
Penrith, East Cumbria

Details for Brougham Castle

Brougham Castle stands majestically by the river Eamont near Penrith. A very important site of great historical interest which visitors can walk around and take in the atmosphere of this red sandstone fortress. The site has a small gift shop.

Just outside the town of Penrith at Brougham lies the stunning English Heritage site of the historic Brougham Castle.

In a delightfully quiet location the red sandstone ruins stand proudly back from the road and overlook the picturesque river Eamont.

Brougham Castle was founded in the early 13th Century as a fortress against Scots invaders and was later restored to be used as a grand private residence by Lady Anne Clifford, who inherited the castle from her fathers' estate and lived there until her death in 1676.

Visitors can take a trip back in time and wander around the fortress including the keep, the first floor hall and the lord's chamber, taking in the atmosphere and sights as they go. The castle has an unusual double gatehouse and the very impressive 'Tower of League' still stands on the site. On the third floor there is a passageway which runs all the way around the castle within the walls, from which impressive views of the rest of the castle buildings can be seen.

On site there is a Roman tombstone exhibition giving insight to the history of the nearby Fort Brocavum. Guide books are available with interesting photographs of the sites, and detailing the plans and history of the Castle. There is also a small shop and a family picnic area.

Brougham Castle
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