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Keswick, North Lakes

Details for Derwentwater

Derwentwater is located on the southern fringe of Keswick in the English Lake District, and is three miles long, one mile wide and 72 feet deep, and is fed by the River Derwent catchment area from high up in the fells.

Most of the shoreline around Derwent is owned by the National Trust. The beautiful valley of Borrowdale can be found at the southern end of the lake. The landscape around the water has many different moods, from dramatic waves created by southerly winds spraying against Friars Crag or the calm early mornings when there is barely a ripple to be seen.

There is plenty of relaxed walking and boating offered around Derwentwater, and ample car parking for visitors makes this easily accessible. The best way to view the whole like is by motor launches which operate from Keswick boat landings, and cruise around the lake stopping at seven stops along the lakeshore. If you complete the whole trip around Derwent water it takes approximately 50 minutes, or you may choose to disembark at one of the stops along the lake to enjoy the shoreline, and perhaps walk on to and rejoin the cruise at a later stage.

Derwentwater remains a peaceful lake even though there is a lot of activity going on around the lake such as rowing boats and motor boats for hire on the lake. The lakes speed limit ensures a tranquil environment is maintained. There is plenty for families to do including: boating, fishing, walking and picnicking. A National Trust shop is located by the Lakeside Car Park, with a selection of tourist information available.

The town of Keswick has grown into the thriving centre of Lake District tourism, with a very active community. Keswick is well known as a...


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