Lake Buttermere
Cleator Moor, Central Lakes

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Buttermere at sunset
Buttermere and Crummock Water

Lake Buttermere is owned by the National Trust and is located on the Western corner of the Lakes surrounded by lush dairy pastures. It is a relatively small lake and is 1½ miles long, ¾ mile wide and 75ft deep.

This area of the Lakes has been popular with visitors since tourism took off in the Lake District. It is very popular with walkers and offers some of the best natural attractions in the country. A footpath follows the perimeter of Buttermere and there are many exciting walks including ones to Red Pike and Haystacks. There are also high level walks which link to 'The Honister Rambler' bus service which starts from Keswick and follows a circular route through Borrowdale and Buttermere.

Lake Buttermere set amongst a beautiful backdrop of dairy pastures is very popular with walkers and is a very accessible lake and it would take a family 2-3 hours to stroll the perimeter. You can enjoy refreshments along the way at Dalesgarth Farm and further on at the end of your walk at Skye Farm where you can also try locally made ice cream.

Buttermere boasts an impressive scenic combination of mountain and lake views with an impressive array of crags and peaks surrounding the lake. Buttermere village is located between the Lake and another stretch of water called Crummock Water. This beautiful village is also a popular tourist attraction, and here there is ample opportunity to rest, eat and stay. Crummock Water and Lake Buttermere were once a single lake; they are now separated by a very fertile green plain which is a marked and interesting contrast to the mountains and waterfalls.


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