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Ramblers Association
Kendal, South Lakes

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The Ramblers Association works hard to open up the countryside to everyone, to enable us all to get out and enjoy the delights of the great outdoors. Walking in the Lake District is made all the more pleasurable by the preservation of the trails and footpaths which meander across the landscape.

Wonderful walks and stunning scenery on your doorstep - support the Ramblers Association.

No organisation works more actively to protect and extend the rights and interests of walkers in the countryside than the Ramblers association. Its aims are clear: to foster a greater Knowledge, love and care of the countryside; to assist in the protection and enhancement of public rights of way and areas of natural beauty: to work for greater public access to the countryside; and to encourage more people to take up rambling as a healthy recreational leisure activity.

It was founded in 1935 when, following the setting up of a national council of Rambles Federations in 1931, a number of federations earlier formed in London, Manchester, the Midlands and elsewhere came together to create a more effective pressure group, to deal with such problems as the disappearance and obstruction of footpaths, the prevention of access to open mountain and moorland and increasing hostility from landowners. This was the era of the mass trespasses, when there were sometimes violent confrontations between ramblers and gamekeepers, especially on the moorland of the Peak District.

Since then the Ramblers Association has played an influential role in preserving and developing the national footpath network, supporting the creation of national parks and encouraging the designation and way-marking of long-distance routes. Our freedom to walk in the countryside is precarious and...

Ramblers Association
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