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Windermere Steamboat Museum
Windermere, South Lakes

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Windermere Steamboat Museum houses an historic collection of crafts from its breathtaking location in the heart of the Lake District. The impressive collection has been building since the 1890,s and is a wonderful place to visit for all the family.

Set in a magnificent location in the heart of Lakeland, Windermere Steamboat Museum houses a unique collection of historic steamboats and motorboats.

The story of the Windermere Steamboat Collection began in the 1890s with the arrival in the Lake District of the newly wealthy Manchester industrialists and their families, eager to escape the smog and squalor of the city for weekends and holidays. Financially successful and socially ambitious, these men built imposing houses and opulent steamboats to demonstrate their success and to make the most of their weekend retreats. This combination of wealth and ambition created a ‘golden age' of steamboating on the lake, where grand steam yachts and gleaming teak launches would ply the lake, hosting tea-parties and formal dinners.

It was the passing of this era which drove the museum's founder, George Pattinson, to rescue what he could of Windermere's elegant heritage. The group of boats that forms the Windermere Steamboat Museum collection was largely amassed by George Pattinson, a local builder with a passion for the boating history of the Lake District. Some he owned, whilst others were donated or given on long term loan by boat enthusiasts to The Windermere Nautical Trust to be displayed in the purpose built Museum that opened in 1977. Several, including the world famous Dolly, were raised from the lakebed with the assistance of divers George Pattinson wanted the public to see the boats afloat on the lake,...


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Windermere Steamboat Museum
Rayrigg Road
LA23 1BN
015394 45565

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